Who we are

Active Implants LLC develops orthopaedic implant solutions that complement the natural biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system and allow patients to maintain or return to an active lifestyle. The Company’s main focus is to provide clinical validation for the NUsurface® Meniscus Implant in patients with knee pain.

Active Implants LLC is a privately held, multi-national company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, with international offices in Driebergen, The Netherlands, and Netanya, Israel.



NUsurface® Meniscus Implant

The NUsurface® Meniscus Implant mimics the function of the natural meniscus by redistributing the loads between the upper and lower leg.

Clinical trials are currently in progress in the United States, in Europe and Israel comparing the NUsurface® Meniscus Implant to the non-surgical standard-of-care. To learn more, please visit:

CAUTION: Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (US) law to investigational use.